Our Services

Denrite Mechanical offers a full suite of mechanical installation services and maintenance on all hydronic heating systems. Whether you are a builder or homeowner we have services to meet your needs.

Denrite Mechanical

Professional mechanical services

New Construction

  • Full mechanical system design and installation
  • New plumbing rough-in and fixture installation
  • Snow melt design and installation
  • Hi-Velocity systems for air-conditioning, heating and ventilation
  • Gas appliance rough in and hook ups


  • Upgrade or replacement of boilers or furnaces
  • Fan coils / Hi-Velocity
  • Redesign, replacement of hydronic systems
  • Snow melt design and installation
  • HRV installations
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Installation of new in-floor heating
  • Additional zoning

Existing Systems

  • Boiler maintenance and repairs – all models
  • Hydronic system maintenance (pumps, controls)
  • Traditional or tankless water heater replacements
  • System inspection reports – know the system before you buy

Maintenance Services

Combustion Analysis Exchanger Cleaning Boiler Fluid Controls & Thermostats

Boiler & System Maintenance

After installation it is crucial to maintain your boilers. Just like your car engine, the boiler is the engine of your heating system and requires annual maintenance. With annual maintenance the life of your boiler can often exceed the manufacturers expected life.

Combustion Analysis

This is a critical part of keeping your system running optimally for years to come. A combustion test (analysis) uses an analyzer to read the CO and CO2 and excess air from the exhaust port of your boiler. This test lets our technicians fine tune your gas to air ratios to proper levels keeping your boiler efficiently running and burning cleaner gas.

Exchanger Cleaning

Every few years the boiler exchanger chamber needs a good cleaning to remove deposits from combustion. This professional cleaning requires a good combustion side chemical cleaner, a scrub with a nylon brush and a thorough flush with water.

During the cleaning we visually inspect for any abnormal wear and ensure the condensate trap is clear.

Boiler Fluid

The boiler fluid needs to be checked every few years for PH levels, TDS, and iron deposits. The nature of a closed loop hydronic system is that the system is without air which often causes the water and glycol in the pipes to eventually breakdown. When the boiler fluid becomes corrosive it will eat away at boiler components and ferrous materials. It is recommended that a full system flush be performed every 5-8 years depending on the fluid quality.

Controls & Thermostats

Control the warmth of your flooring with a highly intelligent thermostat that reads the floor and air temperature.

Smart home technology allows you to control your home temperature at the click of a button whether you’re home or away.