Radiant Heating

Radiant Heat Knowledge Guide

Benefits of warm radiant heating

Radiant heat often feels like the warmth of the sun as it expands throughout the room, in-fact it allows people to feel warm even when the ambient air temperature in the room is actually cooler. It’s the same concept as standing in direct sunlight versus standing in the shade.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Thermal comfort

The biggest benefit of floor-heating systems is their ability to uniformly heat a room and floor. Forced-air heating systems use vents to distribute warm air throughout a room. The location of the vents determines which parts of the room will be warmer than others.

In contrast, radiant floor heating systems heat the entire floor, which leads to an evenly heated room and for an even ambient temperature around a person's body. This means that you will feel more comfortable at a lower ambient temperature level because you won't experience cold drafts.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Noise free

Radiant floor heating systems are known for being quiet. Unlike forced-air systems, there isn’t a loud furnace that kicks on. Therefore, you won’t hear anything while they’re on.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Allergen free

Because radiant floor-heating systems directly warm the people and objects in a room via radiant heat, they do not disturb any existing dust and allergens. This is a major downfall for forced-air systems, which blow around dust and other particles while they distribute heat. The thermal circulation from air rising to the ceiling and then back gets all the dust going in circles which will not happen with a floor heating system.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Energy efficient

Radiant floor-heating systems are at least 25 percent more efficient than forced-air systems. That’s because they do not provide an escape route for the heat they produce. Therefore, virtually all of the heat that’s produced is retained. In contrast, forced-air systems use ductwork that is susceptible to leakage.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Design freedom

In-floor heating works well with all floor coverings and gives you the freedom to design your home as you wish. You’re free to choose the floor type that you want as floor heating works well with laminate, wood, tile, stone, carpet and more.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Hydronic Zoning

Residential hydronic zoning allows for personalized temperature control where and when you need it. Why heat the whole house when you just want to raise the heat in one room. With hydronic zoning you can truly select the comfort level desired by room, floor, or location.

Benefit of Radiant Heat

Utility cost savings

By using an in-floor radiant system instead of opposed air, you save as much as 30% in utility costs. It's a much more affordable and efficient way of heating your home.